Monday, 21 November 2011


In Gardelegen we had an aerodrome and we got to know the parachutists. When we went into Gardelegen in our horse and cart, they always wanted to come in with us. But we didn't let them in!

After I left school, I went to study at the High Trade School in Stendahl, for one year. I travelled second class by train every day. Second class was lovely, because of the parachutists going from the aerodrome in Gardelegen to the visit the dentist. They were always glad to see us. We cheered them up because they were very scared about what they had to do.

One journey our train was bombed. Another time, the train stopped suddenly, and the train driver put a big board over the chimney, so from the air they couldn't see anything.
So wasn't that clever?

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