Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Crow

One of the girls at school was called Hanna Schoppen and she lived in the vicarage of the nearby village of Berge. Hanna had two brothers, one of whom kept a pet crow. Every day Hanna's brother would cycle to school in Gardelegen with the crow perched on his shoulders. When he got to school, the crow used to fly home again and wait until he got home.

The vicar had a lovely garden with box hedges all the way around it. The crow used to hop in and out of the box hedges and chase after children it didn't like and peck them on the heel. Rosemarie was about fourteen years old at the time, and she didn't like the crow at all. Hanna didn't like the crow either. Only the two boys did!

As an aside, Rosemarie adds, Paster Schoppen was a very nice chap. A real country vicar. And of course, his wife was nice too. We were very lucky to have met such nice people in olden days.

I'm glad she has good memories of those days, along with the bad.

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