Saturday, 19 November 2011

Dancing lessons

Our dancing master was called Herr Kleinschmidt, and he came all the way from Berlin with his daughter to teach us how to dance. He was much smaller then me, but he was a good teacher, and we had to learn.

We had lots of balls, but the main one was when we could dance properly. All the grandmothers chose what we would wear, and told the dressmakers how to cut the dresses, and what material to use. I wore a dress of taffeta, with sleeves of tulle. It was cornflower blue. And my friend Ulla the same. They were so pretty.

At the dances we all had dance cards which we filled up when the boys asked us to dance. It was lovely. But then the war came and the boys went off to fight. At first they were all right, but then one was lost, and a second and a third. It was very upsetting.

But we did have lovely dances. And my dress was cornflower blue. So pretty.

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