Thursday, 24 November 2011


Gisi was in the land army for a year. Gisi being Gisi, she volunteered to go to Bohemia, and she was damned well homesick then. In Bohemia, everything is different to North Germany, and she was the only North Germans among Austrians. So when she got homesick, Dad said you'd better go down and have a little look at her to cheer her up.

So I caught the train to Berlin, and got to Linzt at midnight. And then the next day, caught a train from Linzt to teh Bohemian Forest.

Gisi got my accommodation from the local doctor. And I slept under the thickest feather bed, I'd ever seen. In the morning, I was serenaded by Gisi's companions.

I got to know the Narbeshuber family well. I stayed there twice, and Frau Narbeshuber adored me and wanted me as a daughter in law. She had three sons. The eldest was married, but the second one - I can't remember his name - his mother thought that chappie would be be the one for me. My mum had no idea!

But they cooked differently and everything else, so I don't think I would have stayed there.

Then the war with Russia started, so I went back home via Berlin. I ran like mad at midnight for the train to take me back to Gardelegen.

Then I got home and Gisi came home, and we were all working on the land in Isenschnibbe or wherever. But we were lucky because we were not in a factory area.

So that was that.

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